Special projects

A few different projects of mine, maybe not so interesting to the masses. Either something unusual or places that tourists would avoid. Maybe a little artistic like the patterns or black and whites images. Anyway, have a look and enjoy.

Black and white

Patterns and abstracts

There are images everywhere, just need to open your eyes. Look up, look down, change lenses, zoom in closer. If you do these things you will see more in even the most mundane of places.
I have started to experiment by changing the view and seem to be finding some interesting images around what I see every day.

Ma Wan fishing village

Old fishing village near Hong Kong where the residents were evicted in favour of new high rise apartments. Nothing has been done about these old building just left to rot. Some you can see the people have packed up and left, nature has taken over. But others look like everyone just ran away, rooms look exactly as they were, untouched and with all belongings left behind.
This is called a ghost village and it did have an eerie feel even in the day time.

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