Recommended places

Panoramic view of Shangri La

Shangri La

Love this place, its as good if not better than you imagine it will be.
Balagezong, high mountain villages and monastery, this is how I thought Shangri La would look.
Napa Hai, ethnic village on the shores of a lake, real life with beautiful mountain backdrop.
Pudacuo, country park with great walks and lake views.
Sumtseling monastery, lots of steps, lots of gold and city views.
Most of the places to see are outside of the city so allow roughly a day for each place if you want to see the good spots. Travel off season for less queues and better weather, cold but dry.

Coming in to Istanbul on a ferry


Don’t get me started on Istanbul, I could talk for days about this place, and frequently do.
The classic East meets West city, this place has something for everyone.
Stay in the south for the historical sights, cross over the Galata bridge to the more modern side for shopping and night life or cross the bosphorus to the eastern or Asian side.
The people are warm and welcoming, the food delicious, varied and cheap. Wonderful coffee and teas can be had all over the city. Transportation is so quick and convenient, just top up an Istanbulkart and away you go. Can be used on trams,buses,ferries and even toilets.
This is my absolute favourite place and I would happily return any time.

Hong Kong waterfront before the modernisation

Hong Kong

Everyone knows HK from the images online and in books, trust me when I say you have to see it for yourself. Every time I visit I still get that wow factor looking down on the city from the Victoria peak or across the water from Kowloon.
There are so many places to explore here, islands, fishing villages, interesting new and old architecture, ghost towns and one of the best hiking trails in the world.
I am lucky enough to live on the border so I can pop over any time, the hardest thing is deciding where to visit each time.

Sunrise over Paignton pier

English Riviera

Devon in England, Torbay area consisting of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham. Beautiful countryside scenery, beaches and fishing villages.
I prefer to stay in Paignton, if you don’t drive its a perfect central location. Train, coach and bus station all within 200m of each other as well as ferry boats to other towns.
There are some great walks through the countryside and along the coast so taking good photos is easy.

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