After 1 year of trying to manage my way around possibly the fastest city on the planet we have moved to Jiaxing. This city is a half hour outside of Shanghai so you are not far away from a big modern city if you want to go. Its charm is it’s an old city with plenty of history, it’s on the Hangzhou to Beijing canal route and the city itself is full of smaller waterways.
There are plenty of places to explore, Yuehe is the sun moon waterfront, old charm with a few shops and bars open at night. It has a great antique market on sunday mornings. Meihuazhou, a little out of the way but worth the trip, again it’s on a canal with small streets and bridges. Fanlihu park, lovely quiet place to relax and unwind. Then there are all the old street, villages and lanes that you will only discover by foot and I am doing just that.
There are of course many famous landmarks and places to go too, Wuzhen and Xitang but they will be too busy and just about everyone has been there and photographed it.
I don’t think I will struggle to find interesting images here.

Night time in Yuehe
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