Recent Travels

Yuehe, old water town area in Jiaxing



United Kingdom

Unique cultures

Cormorant fishing on Erhai lake, Dali, China

Unlimited history

St Pauls church, Macau
Yunnan fried cheese, China
Galata bridge sunset, Istanbul

Where to next?

What is next on the agenda?
New move, now I am in Jiaxing, just outside of Shanghai. Looks like lots of interesting things to see here.
Other places depending on being able to travel. Possibly local to start with.
For some reason I am getting interested in a trip over to South Korea or Japan, might have to wait for warmer weather.

Countryside near Guilin, China

Expand your horizons

It is said that travel broadens the mind and it is so true.
Whether you want to view the sights, learn a new language or just try new food there is something for everyone when you travel.
You will be surprised at how friendly people are in countries other than your own.
Instead of going to the same old places on holiday try somewhere different, push that comfort zone and experience something new.

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